How to run to lose weight

Slimming running many men and women all over the world. At the same time, this helps to control your weight and look perfect slim and toned. Others will be disappointed after a few weeks to see the results because not exercising the ideal. Good weight fast and how to run properly? Regular jogging effectively by using a few technicians to get rid of overweight there. In some ways that will help you look for a fast way to lose weight.


Enriches the body oxygenated blood is running because there is a true treatment effect, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, bones stronger, increases lung capacity and life span. Running during your breathing quickens, heart rate accelerates, metabolism to burn fat and business. This sport helps to lose weight, slim and sleek shape make a homogeneous load distribution, each for Nov.

Common mistakes which make a girl jogging by doing slimming? If after 15 minutes of jogging, this will in no way affect your weight positively affect overall health. It's not 20 minutes of daily running short to do more thin and will not help you to lose weight. To understand, how many correct, you must run the processes I need to understand to get rid of unnecessary weight in the body which occur in load in this manner.

A light jog, low-speed (running) the muscles the energy glycogen – liver candy store. 30-40 minutes for an effective workout, he consumed. After a lesson, stop for a while, and weight is lost during a breakfast full of glycogen is reduced. How much time do you need to Run, Run, fat burning process? Experts have jogging for weight loss 50 to spend 1 hour 15 min.

In this short time, fatty deposits in the body the flow of blood, therefore increases the concentration and the active oxygen splits fat. This process, the expression, the man feels from the outside that is, fatigue, and shortness of breath becomes more serious. However, after a while in addition, because these oils, fire-resistant, and slowly split to get a body energy, protein (Nov mass).

This process starts after 1 hour and 15 minutes to run the course, so this time it's not worth to continue exercising more. So, effective slimming running properly 1 hour. During this time, the person weighing 70 kg uses 700-750 calories. There Rule is: the more weight the person, the more energy (calories) burns, during a run. How often to do running? Exercise good slimming effect to give for the day with the schema given below.


Better run when: in the morning or in the evening

The time of day to make it even better running? It's not an exact science, to say the best time to lose weight run in the morning or in the evening. One of them claims to be after waking up in the early hours of the day, the body are still awakened by the end, therefore the time of day is blood thicker than others. During this work of the heart a serious burden in the morning, that may adversely affect health state and the cause of the corruption.

Other researchers that it's not harmful for yourself on the site and overload of the day early. They recommend, correctly, I'm running to prepare: take a contrast shower, some food (vegetables, salad and fruit juice), exercise 3 to 5 minutes. To reduce the blood concentration in the body before exercising with a glass of boiled water required.

For a run every morning on an empty stomach, then the body active lose weight faster because you will be able to lose excess weight, exercise more in the evening. How to get rid of excess weight, working evenings? To be discussed more in favor of running in the morning slimming. However, if conditions give busy to exercise in the morning, jogging in the evening will help you lose weight, but this process is going slowly. Light jogging can be done, or even sleep until 1 hour.

It's best to start at least 2-3 hours a night before and no intense exercise. The intervals will help your body to cope with stress compliance data, physical exertion, before going to sleep. Running in the evening another big minus – during a run not to be fat stores instead of carbohydrates, the accumulated day.

How to run correctly to lose weight, abdominal and leg

If you didn't do sports for a long time, and suddenly decide to run to lose weight, a small lot to begin with one. The first train running 10 to 20 minutes a day, moderate breeze. Why is fatigue such a burden but even a strong go walking. Starting, running, and gradually increase the duration of 40-60 minutes until the workout brings.

Wrong all this time, run speed, because these negative effects, health status. More comfortable for you to feel comfortable shoes and clothes for exercise. Especially slimming that is used for running within the hour or alternation with violence. Blow to do before and after exercise. Pulse frequency per second in normal running 120-130. Consider how this exercise properly in the two cases.

Intermittent running

Intermittent running

A special technique is interleaved with running a lot of unnecessary time to the people in the room that will help you lose weight sports for exercise. During interval training is experiencing a big load of the heart and lungs, therefore smokers and overweight patients with cardiovascular diseases in this way will not get rid of.

Maximum running load and a rest period with Arda launched a special operation as a result of weight loss in people. Interleaved then jogging for 20-30 minutes a lot of a cost effective fat burner. This process, according to some sources, an ongoing study more than 6 hours after the walk or even just relax. Consumption of interval training consists of 4 phases:

  • a quick walk the first 100 miles (warm up Nov, improved blood flow);
  • second 100 m running (this will help you to customize one's breathing);
  • third, running the 100 m limit features;
  • rescue breathing and running.

Consumption jogging interval is repeated several times. The breakup processes that occur in the body strong during this time and oil. On the street. takes a lot of energy is taken and the body's glycogen. A deficiency of this substance because it is populated and on the way Walk body fat. When running maximum load, a greater number of blood in the body which causes the muscles in a hurry, fat oxidation and energy release.

During breath work


If you decide to lose weight, running running, walking and then start the exercise slowly go slowly I'm running. The first 2 minutes, walk fast step. Then, in addition, some lunges up the muscles in your legs for a bit. Jump squats then run the following command 5-20 times where. Lean and out-toed socks, but this knee bend.

3-4 seconds in this position, thick and correct. Repeat the exercise. Then, slowly start to escape, while during slow speed for 3 to 5 minutes. Note that during running the foot because the foot fled to the output ground is completely harmful. While running lazy, not lean forward.

How to breathe correctly during exercise

For the body, and saturated oxygen less tired during running, proper nasal breathing. In this case, you want to be constantly drying mouth mouth respiration drink. Breathe in and do it right while working out to long, but it's not worth my breath. A specially designed exercise for men only drinking clean water or drinks. The liquid consumed is recommended sparse, small sips.